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Special Investigations Unit (SIU)

The ever changing nature of global business activities creates a challenging environment in indentifying and controlling fraud.   Organisations also face increasing challenges in protecting against developing fraud trends and just as importantly, recognising such treats affect their profitability and reputation.

At LKA Group recognised the need for a dedicated Special Investigations Unit to service our corporate clients and it is now a leading provider of specialised investigation services in Australia.  We have over 20 years experience in the investigation of fraudulent related activities and provide our clients globally with tailored investigations solutions.

Our investigative methodologies and technologies provide clients with proven methods to detect suspicious activities; investigate them thoroughly; and assist in the prosecution of fraud cases.  Our streamline management processes ensure that the SIU services and non intrusive and free of any conflict of interest.

The LKA SIU services can help corporations to protect its assets by developing efficient anti-fraud processes and policies by;

Providing clients with access to some of Australia’s most experienced and professional SIU investigators to conduct a broad range of complex and sensitive matters.

  • Background enquiries – recruitment, acquisition, reputation risk
  • Internal staff fraud and asset leakage – Finance, warehouse, dispatch
  • Corrupt procurement practices – contractors, suppliers, distributors
  • Systematic criminal activities – fraud, theft criminal damage, personal injuries.

Training and education of Managers in;

  • Identifying fraud within organisations and its providers.
  • Design and implement custom anti-fraud programs
  • Provide risk management approaches to detecting and investigation of fraud.
  • Provide state-of-the-art investigation technology solutions to detect fraud.

To this end, the LKA Group’s investigators collect and analyse all information about the suspected conduct, thereby maximising our client’s ability to assess the extent of the losses, and contain \ prevent any damaging financial impacts on their company.  The LKA Group’s investigators have extensive experience in detecting and solving misappropriations of corporate assets, violations of fiduciary duties, business frauds and insolvency/bankruptcy fraud.

LKA’ Group’s experienced team of SIU specialists blend legal and law enforcement experiences to provide our clients with very effective and efficient outcomes.

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