LKA are a leading provider of Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Investigations across Australia.

CTP Insurance is a compulsory form of insurance for all registered vehicles. It’s designed to ensure that 3rd party drivers, passengers or pedestrians, who are injured in a motor vehicle accident are protected financially and medically from that incident.

There are certain times where situations arise where incidents require some clarification or confirmation, and as such CTP Insurers may request independent investigations.

Working with our Compulsory Third Party Team

Our team includes senior case managers with legal and insurance industry backgrounds. Each new referral is assigned and managed by an experienced case manager, providing our partners the assurance that the intrinsic requirements of what can be a very complex and challenging investigation process are well understood.

Our case managers are supported by a large team of professional investigators with a unique blend of experiences and professional qualifications. LKA has over 220 experienced investigators throughout Australia who have all been specifically trained and accredited to conduct Compulsory Third Party investigations.

CTP Investigation Services

We can help with investigations into the following types of insurance claims:

  • Circumstance/Factual investigations
  • Psychological & psychiatric
  • Recovery claims
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