We deliver a range of specialist training modules within our industry, designed to transfer knowledge from our subject matter experts to training participants in an interactive environment.

LKA Group and our subsidiary WISE Workplace have a strong track record in developing and conducting a range of specialised training modules designed to provide a transfer of knowledge from subject matter experts to participants in an interactive environment.

Clients including government, insurance companies and major corporations have utilised our training services to enable their staff to manage claims, prevent claims and ensure compliance with corporate governance requirements.

Our industry professionals tailor and deliver unique training packages to meet your organisation’s requirements.

Our training modules

We are able to offer pre-designed modules or customised solutions delivered one-on-one, in a classroom or online, enabling remote offices to benefit while being cost effective.

Workers Compensation Investigations

This training is specifically designed for the jurisdictions that staff operate within and provides for enhanced understanding of relevant legislation and critical compliance requirements. The training provides practical insight into personal injury, stress and psychological claims and understanding of exclusions and common law considerations.

Investigation Skills and Coaching

This training course provides the tools and practical knowledge to undertake basic investigations including knowledge of legislation, policies and critical compliance requirements.  It covers statement taking, interviewing and report preparation skills all under the guidance of an expert investigations coach and trainer.

Investigation Management Skills and Coaching

This training course enhances the skills of those tasked with managing investigations inclusive of outsourcing to external providers.  The course includes; understanding the complaint, legislation and compliance requirements, natural justice, procedural fairness and bias.  In addition, it provides practical skills in drafting a terms of reference, developing an investigation plan, reviewing evidence and quality assurance processes.

Conducting Workplace Investigations

Learn to draft and comprehend a terms of reference document and investigation plan.  Obtain skills in understanding compliance with ethics legislation and key policies such as codes of conduct.  Learn evidence collection approaches and how to compile reports inclusive of making findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Workplace Bullying and Harassment

This training course provides understanding of relevant legislation and policies.  The training has a strong focus on enhancing the understanding of what bullying and harassment is as well as providing insight into obligations and strategies to manage workplace bullying and harassment matters.

Ethics and Code of Conduct Training

Tailored to unique organisational needs and incorporates developing awareness of the provisions of codes of conduct and other key workplace policies.   It covers relevant legislation and ethics and is accompanied by practical scenario training in dealing with ethical issues in the workplace.

Performance Management (Having Difficult Discussions)

This course enables participants to develop the core interpersonal communication skills to have difficult discussions in the workplace.  The course is ideal for those in supervisory and managerial positions.

Pre-Deployment into Hostile Environment

Accredited Training Course which provides training for staff and clients who are required to travel on business to regions that may be unsafe or uncertain.  The course enables participants to develop the skills to reduce the exposure to risk that may be faced in a potentially hostile environment.

Security Awareness Training

Provides contextually specific training that incorporates travel and situational awareness, understanding risk and evacuation strategies. The course contains numerous modules which allows for delivery of essential core elements as well as electives as required, catering from basic to advanced security awareness and mitigation approaches.

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