Throughout Australia, Workers Compensation insurers, self-insurers and their legal providers are under increasing pressure to deliver better outcomes more efficiently.

The challenges of keeping premiums at a minimum, maintaining high safety standards, looking after injured workers and remaining viable are continually developing and constantly evolving.

LKA Group has been supporting Workers Compensation insurers, self-insurers, regulators and legal providers for over 25 years. We are considered a market leader in this and our commitment to quality and innovation has allowed us to maintain a service model that delivers sustained high quality and service outcomes for our clients.

LKA Group has developed expertise in all key areas including: Initial liability/pending claims; common law claims: pecuniary loss claims; stress-related claims; fraud detection and tailored programs around short and long tail claims. In addition, we have specialist resources that can support risk mitigation and prevention.

Working with our Workers Compensation Team

Our leadership team includes senior case managers with legal and insurance industry backgrounds. Each new referral is assigned and managed by an experienced case manager, providing our partners the assurance that the intrinsic requirements of what can be a very complex and challenging investigation process are well understood.

Our case managers are supported by a large team of professional investigators with a unique blend of experiences and professional qualifications. LKA has over 220 experienced investigators throughout Australia who have all been specifically trained and accredited to conduct relevant types of investigations such as stress claims or common law claims and this allows us to deliver better quality outcomes in a timely manner.

Workers Compensation Investigations Services

We can help with the following types of Workers Compensation investigations and services:

  • Initial Liability claims
  • Statutory/Pending claims
  • Psychological & psychiatric
  • Stress injury claims
  • Common Law claims
  • Recovery claims
  • Contribution claims
  • Fraud detection
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