LKA Group investigators work closely with corporations to detect and prevent fraudulent or illegal activities by employees, vendors or contractors.

When a company’s senior management or a board of directors suspect their company is being victimised by such conduct, they must act quickly to validate their suspicions, safeguard the company’s assets and halt the undesired activity and prevent reoccurrences. This must be accomplished without disturbing the normal flow of business activities.

To this end, LKA Group have specialist personnel who work together with you to collect and analyse information about the suspected conduct.  This maximises your company’s ability to assess the extent of losses, attempt to recover assets and contain or prevent damaging financial impact.

LKA Group’s specialist investigators have extensive background experience in detecting and solving misappropriations of corporate assets, violations of fiduciary duties, illegal conduct, corporate fraud, travel fraud and insurance fraud.

LKA Group provides litigation support services to your company’s legal counsel. Our services include collecting evidence to support a claim or defence, identifying and locating  witnesses, investigating adverse witnesses, locating and evaluating recoverable assets and aiding in the execution of mareva injunctions (asset freezing).

Working with our global and special investigations team

Our investigators work closely with corporations to detect and prevent fraudulent or illegal activities by their employees, clients, vendors or contractors.

Whether it’s a suspected fraudulent travel insurance claim or multinational white collar crime, our global reach helps us to investigate claims beyond Australian jurisdiction. We can investigate quickly to:

  • validate your suspicion
  • allow your company to safeguard its assets
  • stop the illegal or undesirable activity
  • prevent it from happening again

Our investigative work can be done discretely while preventing the disruption of your normal flow of business activities. We will work with you to collect and analyse information to maximise your ability to:

  • assess the extent of loss
  • attempt to recover assets
  • contain or prevent a damaging financial impact on the company

Specialist Investigation Services

Our specialist global investigations team can help with a wide range of situations and activities, including:

  • Insurance Claims Fraud
  • Employee fraud
  • Corporate fraud
  • Credit reports and profiles
  • Due Diligence
  • Staged Accidents
  • Asset identification
  • Trademark infringements
  • Product labelling infringements
  • Commercial claims and disputes
  • Merger & Acquisitions due diligence
  • Pre-Employment profiling
  • Revenue leakage identification
  • White collar fraud
Talk to us today about your specialist investigation requirements so we can tailor a service to suit your unique needs.