We help organisations test their governance models and control their risk, leading to increased productivity, better employee morale and a reduction in costs.

Risk is an inherent element of business and without appropriate management strategies in place, can be a cause of loss. Risks can directly affect day-to-day operations and impact on revenue or expenses. In some cases, the consequences of failing to manage risk may be serious enough for the business to fail or potentially lead to prosecution for managers and directors alike.

Generally, managers know that they should have insurance policies to cover risks to life and property. However, there are many other risks that all businesses face, some of which are overlooked or ignored. Sound risk management reduces the chance that an event will take place and, if it does take place, reduce its impact.

Working with our risk management team

LKA Group has the experience and expertise to provide you with cost effective solutions to manage risk in your business or workplace.

We assist our clients to identify, evaluate and manage risks in diverse areas of their operations. Our consultancy engagements involve assisting our clients in:

  • Workplace health and safety assessments, advice and training
  • Environmental management
  • Enterprise wide risk management
  • Development, design and implementation of certified management systems (AS4801, ISO9001 & ISO14001)

The paths to compliance with legislation and industry standards are never easy but we develop change management strategies that make the improvements work for you over the long term.

Our risk management services

Our risk management services include:

  • Security awareness training
  • Access verification systems
  • Compliance gap assessments
  • Business continuity planning
  • Crisis management and planning
  • Plant & machinery risk assessments
Talk to us today to find out how we can help increase productivity, improve staff morale and reduce costs within your organising through our risk management services.