Surveillance can be a very effective tool in obtaining valuable evidence in personal injury and fraud related matters.

We ensure that all surveillance investigations are conducted in a lawful, ethical and professional manner, and all our surveillance investigators are licensed and trained to comply with all legal requirements in the jurisdictions they operate in. In addition to their legal requirements, investigators must also comply with our own strict Codes of Conduct and Ethics Policies plus any relevant codes/standards issued by our clients or regulatory authorities.

The success of our surveillance services is a result of the experience and training of our surveillance investigators, enhanced by state-of-the art and specifically selected equipment to ensure that the most challenging services can be delivered in a time and cost-effective way. This can be attributed to our own comprehensive in-house training program which covers all aspects of covert surveillance, including static and mobile observations. This training is also provided via our web-based training and assessment portal to ensure all our investigators worldwide benefit from our training programs.

Surveillance & Covert Investigation Services

We conduct surveillance to investigate and gather lawful evidence for:

  • Personal injury claims
  • Loss prevention
  • Litigation support
  • Asset Protection
  • Undercover Assignments
  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Fraud based inquiries
  • Business Intelligence
  • Insolvency practitioner support
  • Personnel & company profiling
  • Copyright Infringements
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