Natalie Suss

Position: Legal Counsel – Victoria
E Mail:
Phone: 1300 139 321


Natalie Suss is a highly competent, focussed and experienced investigations manager with an extensive background in Personal Injury Law, for Plaintiffs and Defendants.

Natalie’s experience handling a diverse range of matters from the beginning through to settlement has given her a broad understanding of Personal Injury Law, including damages trials, common law settlements, statutory benefits and maiming claims. Having worked as a lawyer with the Victorian WorkCover Authority as her predominant client, Natalie has expert knowledge in this area of law, insurance context and professional practice.

Natalie’s exceptional organisational skills allow her to manage a number of files whilst ensuring our clients receive the highest standard of work. She is dedicated, focussed and devoted to consistently delivering the best quality investigation on every matter.

Natalie has outstanding written and verbal communication skills, and she has a proven ability to build rapport with a range of stakeholders. She is a thoughtful, collaborative practitioner with a rich understanding of legal variables in any context, who can be relied upon to consistently and independently seek out the truth with enthusiasm.

Natalie commenced with LKA Group in 2015 and provides leadership in client relationships, investigation strategy and legal counsel to our team in Victoria.


  • Planning investigations
  • Gathering and analysing documentary and electronic evidence
  • Strategic advice on processes & prioritisation
  • Applying rules of procedural fairness and the rules of evidence
  • Report writing & quality review
  • Timely, efficient and responsive client communication
  • Workers compensation and liability legislation
  • Delivery with a focus on completeness and accuracy
  • Demonstrating understanding and appropriate empathy to parties in a matter
  • Development and training of investigation personnel